No matter what you're doing, preparation is key. Here's what you should expect at Credence Chiropractic

Step 1: New Practice Member Application

When you first arrive to Credence Chiropractic, you are greeted and given a new practice member application to fill out.  This will allow us to understand any previous injuries, ailments or traumas you may have suffered that could lead to your current health conditions.  This process generally takes 10-15 minutes, but to save time, you can print and fill out at home.

Step 2: Tour

Once the new practice member application is complete, you will be given a quick tour of the office, to be sure you are comfortable with where everything is located and to meet our team.  


Step 3: Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss your health concerns, past traumas, health history and future goals.  We will also discuss how the body works and what we can do in our practice to best serve you through our principled approach to Chiropractic care.

Step 4: Neurological Assessment

At this time, we will utilize our SPACE certified, NASA published technology to get a true assessment of how your nervous system is functioning.  It allows us to evaluate the location and severity of nerve interference in your body so we can get to the root cause of your health concerns.  

Step 5: X-Rays

Dr. Chris will advise you if additional tests are needed, such as X-Rays.  X-Rays provide important information such as the position of the bones and how long the underlying cause has been there.  To see is to know and to not see is to guess and we will not guess with your health!

Step 6: Doctor’s

Following your first appointment, Dr. Chris will present more information about health, healing and chiropractic care, and answer any other questions you may have.  It is vital that you bring your loved ones with you as we will review our findings, including your chiropractic postural X-Rays, our recommendations and however we can make care affordable for you and your entire family.

Step 7: 1st Adjustment and Journey Toward Higher Health!

You will receive your first specific chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Chris following the Doctor’s Report.  In order to achieve your results as quickly as possible and reach your health goals, it’s vital to be consistent in keeping your appointments and stick to the recommendations given by the doctor.