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Credence Chiropractic strives to provide hope and healing to the families of our community through neurologically based chiropractic care. Our vision is to create one of the healthiest cities in the world, right here in Georgetown, Texas, by allowing individuals to achieve optimal health naturally through chiropractic care.

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testimonials from our valued clients


We love Credence because they have been such a big help to our family in managing various effects of autoimmune issues (such as extreme clothing sensitivity, hyper mobility, OCD, sleep, ADHD, etc). We also love the very family-friendly atmosphere, fun decorations and especially the always welcoming smiles of everyone who works there!



We have been coming since November for my daughter that has adhd. We can tell a big difference with her. She is able to control her frustrations better. She is able to calm down faster. I have not been in pain hardly at all since I have been coming as well. The doctor's are amazing. They really show they care and listen to you with your concerns. I am so glad I have found them.

It has been a year for me and my spine was at 51 degrees and now it is almost cut on half. I am in no pain and can walk and stand so much better. My 11 year old that has adhd is more balanced and is able to focus so much better.



Credence Chiropractic is the absolute best in every way! Dr Katie and Dr Chris are very compassionate and really do care about my health and well-being. The entire staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I really look forward to my appts. I leave there feeling great about myself because I am part of the Credence family! I very highly recommend Credence Chiropratic!



Credence Chiropractic has given me hope that my son can get the help he desperately needs through noninvasive methods and zero pills. I know in my heart the Credence team will heal my son. Thank you, Dr. Chris, for the wealth of information you provide during each visit and for caring so much for the well-being of my little guy and the rest of my family. I look forward to the amazing journey of healing naturally. God bless you and your team!


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