Meet The Team

Meet Your Georgetown Family Chiropractors

Welcome to the heart of our practice: Our dedicated and compassionate team at Credence Chiropractic!

Our team is committed to enhancing the lives of families throughout our community by providing gentle, effective, and non-invasive chiropractic care. Each member of our staff brings a unique set of skills, expertise, and a shared passion for whole-family wellness.

Get to know the faces behind the care and discover the trusted partners who will guide you on your journey to optimal health.

Team Member

Dr. Chris Hill

Dr. Chris graduated from Logan University and has advanced training in pregnancy and pediatrics. His passion is to help shift the paradigm for how families view pediatric health. After seeing the impacts that chiropractic care made on his wife, he realized how many years she could have been thriving with her health instead of reacting. His oldest son also had low oxygen levels right after birth, but after adjusting him, his levels went up to the point they were able to avoid a trip to the NICU. Time and time again, we meet kids who are in his son's shoes but don't meet them until they are older. After seeing how many health challenges these kids face on a daily basis, he is grateful that he was able to step in right away to help shift the trajectory of his son's health. The sooner we can be proactive with our kids' health, the healthier they can grow up to be! In his downtime, you can always find him with his family playing and working outside. He also loves all things sports!

Team Member

Kate Hill

Kate, Dr. Chris's wife, is also a founder of Credence Chiropractic. She is also a Certified Doula who loves helping prepare pregnant mommas for the postpartum transition. Her main title, however, is Mom. Kate's passion for holistic health began when she met Dr. Chris while he was in Chiropractic school. Through regular chiropractic care, her body healed its continual headaches, migraines, allergies, sinus infections, and ear infections. Since then, she's been on a journey to heal the body naturally and share the wisdom of the body with others. She decided to leave her career and open Credence Chiropractic with her husband, Dr. Chris, to help her community heal naturally, just like she did.

Team Member

Dr. Katie Neaves

Dr. Katie graduated from Life University and has advanced training in pregnancy and pediatric care. She is passionate about every practice member and family receiving the best personalized and compassionate care they deserve and making them feel heard. She loves helping her community by educating those around her about how the body works as a whole unit, trying to get to the root cause of the body’s interference. She is also motivated to teach those around her to advocate for their own health.

Team Member

Ashlyn Traylor

Ashlyn has a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience, which is the study of how a person's brain influences their behavior. She knows the way you take care of yourself can influence the way you think. Over the last several years, she has become more aware of the downfalls of modern medicine and has become passionate about learning natural approaches. She is determined to change the trajectory of health for herself and for her daughter, and to share what she learns with others along the way.

Team Member

Sonja Lewis

Sonja Lewis, a devoted advocate for child development, holds a Child Development Associate certification (CDA) from Austin Community College. This achievement is an example of her profound passion for fostering the holistic health and well-being of children, guiding them to realize their fullest potential. With an impressive tenure of over twenty-five years in community involvement, ministry, and public education, Sonja's commitment to children of diverse backgrounds and ages shines through. Her belief in children as the cornerstone of our future is evident in both her professional and personal life. In addition to her educational expertise, Sonja has honed her administrative and management skills across a range of sectors, including education, bridal, and food services.

At home, Sonja cherishes her role as a mother to four wonderful children, along with her spouse Jarred, her high school sweetheart. Her upbringing in the countryside instilled in her a deep love for the outdoors, dreaming of one day living on a quaint farm where family and friends can be surrounded by country charm. Sonja finds solace in gardening and enjoying quality time with her family.

Team Member

Kaela Raynor

Kaela was born and raised in Livingston, TX. She graduated from Howard Payne University in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in Athletic Training/ Sports Medicine and has a passion for rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Kaela loves educating people about how their body functions while providing ways to keep it performing at its best. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, spending time with loved ones, having game nights with friends, traveling with her husband, and playing with her dogs, Dixie, Drake, and Balou.