Credence Chiropractic Care Plans: Active vs. Wellness

Credence Chiropractic Care Plans: Active vs. Wellness

Just in case you were unaware, it’s worth mentioning that your body is a genuinely fascinating marvel to behold. Every step you take, every motion or twist you perform, every item you grab – every movement you make depends on the harmonious relationship between your body’s nervous system and its relationship to muscles and bones. 

This begs the question: Why not do everything in your power to ensure that the relationship is as harmonious as possible? 

That’s where chiropractic care comes into play, giving your body a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on the nervous system's crucial role in maintaining your overall health. At Credence Chiropractic, we believe that understanding the differences between these approaches is vital in helping you make informed decisions about your journey to better health. 

And when it comes to chiropractic care, two prominent strategies come to the forefront: active care and wellness (maintenance) care. 

Let’s delve into the core aspects of active and wellness chiropractic care plans, highlighting their unique features and how they can serve as a path to well-being. 

Active Chiropractic Care Plans

Active chiropractic care plans are structured treatment programs aimed at addressing specific health concerns, providing immediate relief, and improving overall functionality of the nervous system. These plans tend to be highly targeted and goal-oriented, such as if someone has recently endured an injury or is experiencing discomfort in a specific area, along with improving the overall function of organs such as the digestive and immune systems. 

Advantages of Active Chiropractic Care Plans 

Because active chiropractic care plans are so hyper-focused on specific areas of the nervous system, the results and benefits of such care plans tend to be more immediate.

Advantages often include the following: 

  • Targeted Relief: Active care is perfect for individuals seeking to address specific acute issues, such as pain relief, injury recovery, or migraine management. It’s also perfect for improving overall neurodevelopment to help kids who are going through challenges such as ADHD, ear infections, sensory and speech delays.

  • Short-Term Goals: Active care plans focus on short-term goals, typically requiring frequent appointments for concentrated care.

  • Innovative Techniques and Technologies: Active care employs advanced techniques and technologies, such as the Torque Release Technique, Heart Rate Variability, Thermography, and Surface EMG, to identify the root causes of dysfunction and discomfort and provide targeted solutions. 

Protocol of Active Chiropractic Care Plans

A successful active chiropractic care plan must adhere strictly to your body’s needs, which is why these chiropractic adjustments are so customized and specific to each individual. 

The general protocol of any typical active chiropractic care plan tends to include the following: 

  • Initial Assessment: A thorough evaluation of the patient's condition, including diagnostics and medical history.

  • Customized Plan: A tailored treatment program is designed to address the specific issue.

  • Regular Adjustments: Frequent chiropractic adjustments are administered to release stress within the nervous system.

  • Progress Evaluation: Monitoring the patient's response to treatment and adjusting the plan as needed. 

Wellness Chiropractic Care Plans

If you think of your body as a car, it’s easy to view active chiropractic care plans as appointments to fix or replace a specific car part, such as an engine, tail light, etc. On the other hand, wellness chiropractic care plans can be compared to more of an overall check-up or tune-up for your vehicle, focusing on more areas of the body to ensure optimal long-term well-being. 

Wellness chiropractic care plans are designed for proactive individuals seeking to maintain overall health and prevent future issues. Instead of active chiropractic care plans, they focus on regular chiropractic adjustments to keep the nervous system stress-free and the spine properly aligned, ensuring optimal body function. 

Advantages of Wellness Chiropractic Care Plans

It’s no secret that the older we get, the harder our bodies become to move, bend, and endure like they used to. It’s not a matter of if stress happens, it’s when. The more resilient the nervous system is at keeping up with the demands of life, the healthier we are!  The benefits of wellness chiropractic care plans are intended to keep up with life's stressful demands and help maintain and improve flexibility and endurance in the long run..

Common advantages include: 

  • Proactive Health: Wellness care is ideal for those looking to maintain well-being, improve nervous system function, and lead an active, pain-free lifestyle.

  • Preventative Approach: Regular chiropractic adjustments help prevent future problems from arising.

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Wellness care aims to boost overall quality of life by keeping the body functioning at its best. 

Protocol of Wellness Chiropractic Plans

The general proceedings of wellness chiropractic plans don’t differ too much from active chiropractic plans, save for one key component: consistency. Once patients complete an active care plan, they transition into a wellness plan. 

Here’s what you can expect to experience when you first enroll in a wellness chiropractic plan: 

  • Initial Evaluation: An assessment of the patient's current health and neurological health,and spinal condition.

  • Customized Maintenance Plan: A personalized wellness plan is created based on the initial evaluation.

  • Routine Adjustments: Regular chiropractic adjustments are scheduled, ensuring spinal alignment and optimal nervous system function.

  • Focus on Long-Term Wellness: Patients can enjoy long-term health benefits and pain-free living with consistent wellness care. 

Which Chiropractic Plan is Right for You? 

When considering chiropractic care for every stage of life, from prenatal and pediatric to neurological chiropractic services, evaluating your individual needs and objectives is essential. Active care is suited for those with immediate concerns, while wellness care is ideal for those seeking proactive well-being. 

Credence Chiropractic offers active and wellness chiropractic care plans, ensuring your family's specific needs are met. Whether you're expecting a baby, have young children, or want to improve your neurological health, we are dedicated to helping you choose the right care plan to achieve your health goals.

Ready to experience the benefits of professional chiropractic care? Schedule an assessment with us today to embark on a holistic wellness journey that will positively impact your life!